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Cancellation Policy

Please get in touch by phone as soon as possible to let us know, lets see if we can help. Sometimes cancellations at short notice are unavoidable.

In these cases if we can offer another appointment to you within the same week or if we can fill the cancelled slot we would not normally make any charge for the missed appointment. If the slot cannot be filled a charge would normally stand. The fee for a missed appointment is the usual Full Fee.

All we ask is 24 hours notice for cancellation of any non peak-time weekday appointments (Tues-Friday 9am-4pm) and 48 hours notice for a weekend cancellation or peak time weekday evening slot cancellation (Tues-Fri 4pm- 7pm).

The earlier you let us know, the more chance we have of re-booking the slot.

In the event of a dispute our decision will be final as we have set time aside to see you and have costs to cover, no therapist likes to have to charge for late cancellations but we also have to keep our business sustainable and can only do this if you keep your appointment or give us enough notice to re-book cancellations.

Thank you.

Deep Relaxation Therapy

Guided visualisation with Reiki Healing

Everyone gets a little stressed at times and finds it hard to unwind, well here at The Well Being we have just the therapy for you, a guided relaxation with Reiki healing will deeply relax and help to lessen your stress and anxiety, lowering your heart rate, helping you to sleep and rest, taking you out of that fight and flight response and allowing your immune system to function more fully. You'll be surprised out how effective this therapy is, why not give it a go? £40 for one hour